B&W 6&7 by derek beaulieu

so here it is at long last, afterwords – an ephemeral ephemera emporium – relaunches with afterwords number 1: B&W 6&7 by derek beaulieu. yet despite this, afterwords does not intend to publish regularly. nor do i really intend to sell ephemeral literature (though you can order it anyway:)

img_0249beaulieu, derek. B&W 6&7. Barrie: afterwords, April 2016. (afterwords 1). visual poetry; 8 pages, 21 x 14 cm, sewn paper covers; laserprint; 76 copies. 2.50

instead, afterwords will profile some of my favourite writers and micro press publishers, the work that got me collecting ephemeral, primarily canadian, literature from the 60s to the 90s, and which then lead me to selling it. back in the day, most of my business was mail-order (pre-internet), and my catalogues generally eschewed editorializing. this isn’t going to be like that.

okay, so why afterwords 1? derek made me do it! well, sort of. read here about the National Poetry Month – Poet Laureate Challenge that derek and i issued. thanks for the kick, my friend. and thank you for the privilege.

what’s next? i’ll start with mind blowing rubber-stamp work by jwcurry, his silkscreens of work by bpNichol and ‘To Share’ a little Nelson Ball.